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  1. We focus on behaviors and actions that help to reduce stress, complexity and uncertainty in your life.

  2. Trust is the most valuable currency in our relationship.

  3. We will ask each other questions, over and over again. 

  4. We value open, honest and direct communication.

  5. We take an education-based approach to our collaboration.

  6. We want you to feel empowered and confident as we make important decisions. 

  7. We need to like each other and enjoy working together.

  8. We respect each other's time, energy and space.

  9. We use modern technology to drive automation when possible...

  10. However, personal finance is personal for a reason, and a piece of software can never replace the type of work we can accomplish together as a result of our conversations.


  1. Education is empowering. Know as much as you can know, so you can then appreciate what you don't know.

  2. Bring a sense of humility and compassion to the table. Your life and financial game plan is not a math problem to be solved. It is a long journey. 

  3. Simple beats complex most of the time. 

  4. Automate as much as possible. It can reduce your stress and drive better habits. 

  5. Inaction is as much a decision as taking action. Recognize areas where you need to be taking action. Don't allow fear or confusion get in the way. 

  6. Understand your why when making key decisions. 

  7. Take care of your business today, not tomorrow.

  8. Aim your focus at things that matter the most.

  9. Don't sweat the small stuff. Do not ruminate over decisions or past mistakes that will not move the needle much in your overall life circumstances. 

  10. When you need help, get help. Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to get us through life. Depend on others when you do not have the time, skills or expertise to get things done that need to get done. 


  1. Compound interest is your best friend. Never forget it. 

  2. Diversification is a close second. 

  3. High fees are your enemy. They eat into your returns and compound over time.

  4. Be humble about your own ability or anyone else's (including your neighbor, your mother or your financial advisor) to accurately predict the short-term direction of the stock market. Nobody knows, nobody ever knew. 

  5. Investing in the stock market is not analogous to gambling at a casino. There is an underlying ecosystem of regulation, investor protections and incentives that create a much more sound foundation. 

  6. It is important to understand the interplay between your ability to accept market volatility and your tolerance. It is hard to hang in there during the tough times if you have not mentally planned for this ahead of time. 

  7. Getting smart on tax-efficient and tax-aware investing starts to matter as you age. Boost your knowledge in this area and plan ahead. 

  8. The financial media exists to sell advertising dollars, not to help you responsibly grow your nest egg.

  9. Bonds can play an important role for income, stability and downside protection in an investment plan. 

  10. Market cycles rhyme, but do not repeat. Every new bear and bull market is different than the last one so do not assume what worked in the past will work going forward. 

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